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I am a Fashion Designer, Poet and the proud Founder of Nilanjo! Fashion Entertainment. I started designing at a young age. Writing soon followed. I use fashion to encourage, empower and inspire and to help promote positive self-esteem. I create events that focus more on community activation and that support small business enterprise and entrepreneurship. I'm working to increase awareness and access to opportunities, resources wellness and social connection. This platform allows me to connect to others in a way that promotes mutual talents and passions. I ask fellow creatives to share their stories. This is mine. However, a new one begins here!




I'm just a creative out here trying to live! I intend to live in excellence. But what is excellence? The definition may vary with personal perspective. However, I see excellence as the talent, skill and quality that surpasses traditional or ordinary standards. It manifests in standards and in performance that is not just measured by monetary success but by the ability  to serve, elevate, nourish, energize, or be a benefit to the people; the community. It is not just a buzzword that categorizes a set of people. It is supported by evidence of impact, inspiration and influence.

Are you an example of excellence? Well  then...tell me your story.

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