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Colorful graffiti and artful expressions often using recognizable imagery and applying mass culture can make people pause in recall or ponder the inspiration. Art can be used to spread a message of inspiration and to offer optimism. It is a form of communication between people; the creator and the audience. It is reflective. Art can change opinions, instill values and even translate experiences, connecting commonalities while embracing differences. In short, art affects the fundamental sense of self. Like the Artist, the art is constantly at work.

Marra Vibes / Marra Vibes LLC.

Medford based Doodler, Marra P. has been honoring her skills of lettering, graffiti and doodling since her adolescent days, ultimately bringing her love for color, creation and doodling together into beautiful works of art. Her evolution into lettering, graffiti, and doodling allowed her to introduce her prismatic mind to the World through cohesively, colorful art pieces. Her use of color and detail bring you into a dimension of “look at all the pretty colors” and guides you on a journey of exploring the depths of her mind while she creates.

" ...believe in yourself, even when people do not fully support you."

Marra, tell me your story:

What's your background? What kind of art do you create?

I do not have any type of professional background regarding painting, but I have been doodling since I was about six years old – writing on my dad’s check with a permanent marker. I create a variety of art from graffiti to abstract.

What does your work aim to say? Who does it aim to captivate?

I feel as if my work aims to say, “Be happy, be free, and do not lose the child in you”. My work aims to captivate every child like soul out there with “all the pretty colors”.

Do you have a favorite artist? Who are your biggest influences?

My favorite artists are Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh. Some of my favorite local artists are Hiramtense, Radbe, Rengu, and so much more.

How do you seek out opportunities?

I seek out opportunities by doing a lot of research and reaching out to local artists for collaborations. Also, I am a Boston Certified Artist, so I am notified about opportunities throughout the City.

What are your most successful pieces of work?

My most successful pieces of work are Oblina which a client in Los Angeles purchased, and then a live painting I did at a fundraising event by the name of Artini.

Why do you do what you do? How do you work?

I do what I do because it genuinely makes me happy. Being a creative gives me a sense of purpose, and it feels like pure freedom. When I work, I just put some of my favorite tunes on and just zone out. What is integral to my work as a creative is piece of mind.

How has your practice changed over time?

Over time I have tried out different techniques regarding painting. I feel as if being a creative has never ending possibilities regarding knowledge, techniques etc.

Any words of encouragement for the people reading?

My words of encouragement for the people are believe in yourself, even when people do not fully support you. People may tell you that you’re doing too much, and that being a creative is not logical or does not make you money, but the fact is that they’re just doing too little, and they don’t have enough courage to follow their actual dreams.

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