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So many options on your social media as you scroll and troll. Everyone is doing a Podcast, writing a blog or posting video rants these days. Some have great content and some fall in the "WTF" category. There is something for just about every vibe. Then there are those that stand out organically; picking your over-stimulated brain and putting your thoughts in a chill, neatly wrapped public forum. I'm referring to that makes you want to grab your favorite drink (maybe it is wine) and talk for a minute type of podcast/talk show. It makes you want to JOIN IN and not just tune in. So I ask you...can we talk?

Marly Augustin impresses me with her personality and brightness. I don't just mean her intellect but her very being is bright. She shines from the inside out. Marly is a talented and charismatic, 28-year-old Haitian American woman who grew up in Mattapan. Her current role is Content Creator and Producer for Talks With Wine, a Podcast turned Talk Show with a just kicking it feel that tackles real topics. Her background is mainly in entertainment. She began as a model (bragging rights* she modeled for Nilanjo! once upon a time), journeyed off to radio and now she is hosting and producing her own talk show. Queen is educated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She expresses that she is passionate about shedding light on matters that don’t sit right with her. It may make for a great talk show but it is real life, real talk with real women.

Marly, Tell me your story:

What is Talks With Wine and what is it's purpose, intention or mission?

Marly: Talks With Wine is a Black-women led panel that tackles conversations within black culture to create a space for understanding and healing. It is a good time with your girls talking about real s—t that just don’t make sense no more/ starting to make sense as you became an adult. I started this in June 2019 but the idea hit me in 2018 after going through a breakup and trying to rediscover who I was in that moment. I had a lot of questions about a lot of things starting with my upbringings, so I decided to start writing them down to talk to my girls about. Then I wanted to share with other women who could relate, because one thing social media taught me is that we’ve all shared some moments/memories that we didn’t even know we universally (sort to speak) experienced growing up black. We also host social and wellness events. If you have not been attended a Talks With Wine Event just know there will be more for 2021.

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise”-W.E B DuBois

What led you to create Talks With Wine? How did you get started?

Marly: Talks With Wine began as a podcast to talk about the common concerns, taboos, and issues that we as young Black Millennials (more specifically Black Women) are questioning in their journey of adulthood. The intention for it all was that I wanted to create an outlet (mainly for myself) to sit with my girls and share experiences and depict where growth or change is necessary, not just within the world but also within ourselves by having an array of conversations we could challenge knowing what we know now.

What do you wish you had known when you started out?

Marly: Oh man, a lot of things. Mainly, starting with the costs. I thought I could watch the YouTube videos and just get to work. At the time, I quit an overwhelming job so, starting this business was looking real “not going to happen-ish”. I wish I knew about the resources in my city sooner.

Are there any key resources that have really helped you on your journey?

Marly: Yes, I had to get a lot of outside help. I first began looking at people who could explain all this to me. I was attending free seminars on everything I thought I needed. Once I got a job again, I began seeing a therapist, a life coach and a financial coach. I literally felt like I had to warp into 2 people. I had to get my personal life in order first beginning with understanding for myself where these traumas and taboos even came from. I had to begin understanding my own message in order to have this content for my viewers. Then I had to focus on my finances in order to begin building a business. I was also utilizing a lot of YouTube and other informative content such as other podcasts and books to help me direct myself. If I didn’t seek help, my stubborn self would have never made it past recording lol.

“Let your Vibe be a product of your heart, not your environment”-Jazz Jo Marcellus.

Which hurdles did you personally face when creating Talks With Wine? How did you overcome them?

Marly: I faced a lot of self-doubt, in the beginning not having the support I wanted or need I started to think I shouldn’t even bother wasting my time, like “who’s really going to watch and listen to this?”. So, a lot of conversations began falling off my list. My therapist and my life couch really held me together. I realized that I had to move past looking for help from people who didn’t have the vision I was given and get professional help. One thing my life coach mentioned was that I had to leave the idea of perfectionism behind, she told me the purpose is to deliver a message and there is no reason to hold on to it. While it took me some time to even apply the message it was something I had to face quick in order to move along in my journey.

What do you think makes your podcast unique? What are reasons why people should watch?

Marly: What I believe sets Talks With Wine apart is the conversations. We are not trying to give you Hollywood gossip, we are trying to understand ourselves, where we fit in this world and knowing that there’s plenty of people who can relate, so there’s no shame. In order to ease off that and even begin being brave enough to be transparent, we utilize wine as a centerpiece. If you are looking for refreshing conversations within and about Black Culture, then this show is for you!

Talks With Wine is a partnership of Black women. What's a common myth about Black women working together and can you debunk it?

Marly: A common myth that we can’t get along in the process without nasty endings. I think that is the worse misconception because we are so used to seeing the negative side of business outcomes but forgetting that building those relationships honestly and being transparent is how we sustain them. We have to know we are all still in a growing process and we should be patient with each other as we are being patient with ourselves. I have honestly been so grateful to surround myself with the women on my team and the women who I’ve had the opportunity to work with on the event side of Talks With Wine. Shameless plug, for those who watch, “She’s gotta have it” on Netflix, if we recall the episode when Nola had to decide if she wanted to do business with Clo or remain friends. That’s just what it’s supposed to look like. Things don’t always have to end on a sour note.

What are you curious about right now?

Marly: I’m curious to see how the world bounces back from a lot of things and what the new normal will look like. Being in media, it’s interesting to see how disconnected things that were once interpersonal are becoming and how we are becoming comfortable in it.

Is there anything that keeps you up at night?

Marly: Right now, the conversations that need to be had in this new year after going through and surviving 2020. So much has happened with Black women in general that I can’t wait to tackle some of these conversations. We have seen the trauma we face, the achievement we know we can accomplish and how we are literally giving the world our Magic in everything, EVERYWHERE!

What is your favorite quote, affirmation or words to live by?

Marly: I have 2. “There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise”-W.E B DuBois and “Let your Vibe be a product of your heart, not your environment”-Jazz Jo Marcellus.

What is something you have failed at but definitely learned from? What was the key take-away from it?

Marly: I wouldn’t say failed, but one thing that I feel has kept me back from a lot of things is the fact that I do not like to ask for help. I had to let that go, I had to realize that if I want to build anything I would have to ask for help from others.

Any encouraging words to share with those reading?

Marly: Forget those who are not cheering for you but cheering for others, Cheer and Celebrate yourself.

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