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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Loving what you do and doing what you love can transform your life. You feel a sense of pride and meaning in your work. Your heart races because you feel a sense of urgency to do everything. That excitement is often borderline obsession. You could work for hours, days and weeks on end because you are highly energized. Time does not stand still; it flies. You are not distracted -- you are focused. You are inspired. You exude happiness from the very creative ideas that steal your sleep. But it is ok because when your dreams manifest into goals and as you ascend due to this love for what you do - you then attract better opportunities and greater connections that help you get exactly where you want to be.


Maame Ama's Boutique specializes in handmade accessories and more. The company was born out of a love for Africa fabric, unique prints/quality craftsmanship and later got interested with other prints and beads. This entrepreneur admits she has no background in sewing- which means everything was self-taught. Maame believes the right accessories spice up your look and you can never go out of style. Therefore, the accessories are suitable for any occasions or everyday wear. Everything is created out of love with hope that you would love them too.

"Hard work, determination and consistency takes you far."

Maame Ama, tell us your story:

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a jewelry and accessory designer?

I have always known I didn't want to work for people but rather wanted to be my own boss and do something I love to do. I've always love crafts since I was a kid. Some years back I was helping my friend make jewelries and accessories with African print to event to sell and thus when I fell in love with jewelries and accessories. So around 2014 that's when I realize I wanted to pursue a career as a jewelry and accessory designer.

How is your client base different today than from when you first started out?

When I first started my client base we poor. I didn't really know exactly where to start looking for clients or how to find them. My whole assumption of find clients was going to events to sell and there I will my some clients. Today or this present time, I know exactly how and ways to get or find my clients. With technology advancing now it makes it easier for me to find my clients compare to when I first started and didn't know pretty much nothing. I have more client than before.

What role do you think social media plays in your business today? What are the positives and negatives?

Social media plays a major role in my business today. Positively, it helps promote/market my business and gets my potential clients. It also helps me build my brand whiles getting my business and name out there to a lot of people. Negatively, social media has its down side in terms of role play in my business. For example you have to been mindful of what you post and says (comments). People sure do really read or look for what people say about my business and how I respond. The way I respond on social media determines how people can trust me, my brand and business.

Where do you go for inspiration when working on new pieces?

When working on new piece, I mostly get my inspiration from listening and singing to music. I love singing so music is my number one to go friend in everything I do. Music also calms me down, get me more relax and focus. With my type of business you need to be more relax, calm and focus.

What is your favorite part about being a designer? Is there anything you would change?

My favorite part of being a designer is I get to design/create the ideas and styles I have in mind. Also I get to make mistakes and recreate designs. Basically you get to create and put your dreams, vision and imaginations to life. I will change how people view designers. People think you really have to go to school to become a designer which the answer is really no unless you want to advance. We are all designers in our own way. We all are creative. We just have to sit down, think and put our ideas and thoughts together.

How do you want your customers to feel when wearing your jewelry and accessories?

I want my customers to feel proud, different and unique when wearing my jewelries accessories. I also want them to feel loved because my jewelries accessories are created with100 percent love.

What advice or words of encouragement would you give to young women entrepreneurs reading this?

My advice and words of encouragement to young women entrepreneurs is never let anybody tell you, you can't make it as an entrepreneur. Hard work, determination and consistency takes you far. Make sure to take time off, refresh your mind and regroup. Always find inspiration and find young entrepreneurs women like you so you can inspire each other. Lastly, seek help and get coaching.

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