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Updated: Jan 27

Some make it look so easy; connecting their passions to their purpose. Or using their pain and quest for healing to steer them toward their purpose. This is how we change the narrative of what was and focus on what is and what will be. Our own healing journey often attracts others who are on the same path...building a like-minded, empowering support system to help us over the mountains we will need help climbing from time to time. Not sure of your purpose? Then think about what are you passionate about. The answer may connect you to a purpose.

Some of us have multiple passions that then equate to multiple purposes. Meet Amanda Allen aka Panda. Amanda started her daycare business, PandaCare, approximately 3 years ago. Her intention/vision is to have small schools for inner city children where they can receive all their needs in one establishment. She has recently launched a podcast, PandaGasms, in August of 2020. When I asked her what is Pandagasm, she answered simply, "A PandaGasm is an orgasm given by". Yup, I'm officially intrigued!

This 37-year-old, beautifully loc’ed entrepreneur, mother of 3, was born and raised in Boston, MA to Honduran immigrant parents. She is a woman who loves to travel, partake in Carnival all over the world (she is called "Soca" Panda for a reason) while getting quality time in with her friends and family. She is a woman who is "happy with a twist", and has a vibe you can't find anywhere else. I am happy to catch up with my fellow Sister Queen with this interview!

Now Amanda, Tell Me Your Story:

Tell me a little about the audience/listeners you feel you attract?

AA: I feel like I attract an audience of listeners that are on a healing/self-care journey.

How do you select your topics? Is anything too taboo?

AA: I get my topics from all over the internet. Twitter, FB (groups), Instagram and the best one...real life. No topic is too taboo!

What has been your favorite topic so far?

AA: So far, my favorite episode has been “If It Don’t Make Money, It Don’t Make Sense” because a lot of us are not financially educated.

How do your topics add value to your listeners?

AA: My topics add value to my listeners because I feel like we discuss real life matters in the raw. Not to say other podcasts don’t however our vibe is a little spicy.

There has to be a vibe. How do you set the tone? How do you get in the zone for your podcasts? Does the topic dictate the mood?

AA: I set the vibe with incense, sage, and SOCA!!! I get in the zone for my shows the same way I get ready for life. Meditate and journal. The topic never really dictates the mood for me.

My favorite quote is “it takes a village”. I do my best to live by this because it is true

Share one of your best moments and one of your worst moments? Did you celebrate that best moment? What did you do following the worst moment? What have you learned from each of those moments?

AA: One of my best moments was having 3 generations of women (grandmother, mother and daughter) on my show together. One of my worst moments was losing a caller via video call.

That best moment was celebrated with food and drinks. Following the worst moment, I just made sure to call them back as discreet as possible.

What is your favorite quote, affirmation or words to live by?

AA: My favorite quote is “it takes a village”. I do my best to live by this because it is true. We ALL need someone whether we like to admit it or not. That is why I started PandaCare to be there for families that need a village.

Tell us why we should tune in to your podcast. Shoot your shot!

AA: You should tune into PandaGasms because we have a way of conducting a group therapy session in podcast formation.

How do we tune in? How do we contact you?

AA: You can tune in to PandaGasms on SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon music for now. I can be reached via direct message (DM) on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you, for that PandaGasm!

You can follow Amanda on Social Media as well as tune in the episodes of PandaGasms:

INSTAGRAM: or @PandaGasms



For childcare services and inquiries:


CALL: (857) 342-5070

INSTAGRAM: or @pandacares4u


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