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Things look different right now. We operate with precaution and protection, navigating through uncertainty. What we must realize is things have not halted or ended. Things have changed. Our focus is on how to adapt. It is our responsibility to find a way to live through and during this change and not just survive it.

Never have I taken my supporters for granted. I want to be a business that is patronized out of practice and not just out of protest. I must do all I can now....while I have people's set myself apart. This is where my knack for being unique comes in. I have great practice at being "different". No one is obligated to support me. My community is not obligated to support my business if I am not worthy of their support. When my integrity lacks, when my delivery falls short, when I present my product will less effort, when I take short cuts in any way it is disrespectful to my customer as well as to my business. Because I am an advocate for the people, I honor the people.

As I work to mold my business to operate on a virtual level and enhance my online presence to adapt to changes, I realize more and more how important it is to expand my network. After all, your network impacts your net worth. Ad I do not mean solely in the monetary sense. Think intellectually, emotionally and spiritually as well. Growth has value. Some of us are ascending. While we cannot take everyone with us, we still act as the light of inspiration. May they join us later. May we all strive to vibrate higher and stop accepting seats at the table of mediocrity. We feast off of our excellence. We feed our minds and souls good food that grow from the seeds we sow and water. Eating from the table of others has left us malnourished. We must tend to our own gardens and prepare our own harvest.

We are in the midst of the Rise of the Entrepreneur. While every contact I make will not result in a collaboration or be a successful one, every time I connect with another entrepreneur I am exploring new possibilities…expanding my network… getting outside of my own head to get a fresh perspective. The best part is that sometimes my creativity is triggered or expanded (yes, that is possible)!

This image was recreated by Lucia Graphics (@kelly_toonz212 on IG). Gratitude for reaching out to me, delivering me this dope art in lightning speed and showing me that there are some outside of my circle that I can trust.

Everyone is not my competition. When everyone else believes the sky is the limit, I know that there is an entire galaxy beyond those clouds. I'm driven to shoot for the stars and moon so I can light up the sky. My shine can only help you shine brighter. That's that collective mindset.

Like I said, being successful in business requires that you consistently make connections and form alliances. That's why I write this blog. That is why I connect with different entrepreneurs and creatives. That's why I cheer for my fellow women business owners - because empowered women empower women. Because being "woke" is not a trend. It is a call to action.

Love & Light,

Nika "Nilanjo" Hollingsworth

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