by Nika L A Hollingsworth

The crown is heavy.

It requires strong shoulders,

Erect poster.

It falls off the heads of imposters.

It comes with great responsibility ,

Often with the weight of the world.

We are the creators of the future;

Role models of young boys and girls.

Teachers of the heirs to the throne .

We must nurture and foster 

Their young growing minds 

We mustn’t allow them over time

To become confined;

Limited by society’s box.


Locked behind bars,

Only left to dream about stars .

But young Royal, 

Know that you soar among them.

Your shine is brilliant and bright

They try to turn away when they see you

But they too are drawn to your light.

So fight. 

Be who you are destined to be.

But as you do...know this;

The crown is heavy .

It looks easy. 

Don’t be deceived.

Your perception may be skewed.

Educate yourself before making temporary moves

That may create permanent consequences.

Increase your knowledge, which is wealth.

Invest wisely in yourself, 


Yield profit.

Minimize your expenses...

And most importantly - Listen.


The crown is heavy .

There have been times when I’ve been tired,

When I’ve become weary but 

The fortress must be completed.

When you give of yourself , With no return

You become depleted.

We must work as one because we are of one

Although we tend to operate singularly;


Sinking in blissful ignorance.

Some of us cemented.

Pretending to be newly Woke.

Won’t pool our resources so we remain broke-en.

Imagined productivity ,

Failed connectivity ,

Complacency and Immobility ,

No real meetings of the minds.

I’m trying to use my platform to inspire

And take the empire higher,

( a Queen should)

And to empower, 

And To inform but umm...

I’m getting older. 

I’m running out of time.

I must prepare you for the throne

It will soon be yours. 

The reign will no longer be mine.

The crown must be passed down 

For you to wear

For you to own.

But remember what I said....

This crown is heavy.

And a change is not just gon' come .

It is already here.

Not all change is bad.

Change leads to evolution.

Evolution is key to survival.

We mustn’t only change the outside

But internally, 

breaking the cycle.

One day your idol may become your rival.

Learn from failure and don’t give up.

Push through pain and trials

because the devil feeds off of faith that waivers

 and off minds that idle.

What they won’t tell you is

You were born into royalty.

That’s part of the plan .

That’s part of the game.

Have it their way, 

You’d be stripped bare and plain.

I call you Queen and King 

Because I want you to acknowledge

that I’m calling you by your first name.

Claim that, hold your head steady.

When you’re called, 

It’s important that you be ready. 

Just don’t forget what I told you

The crown is heavy.

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